Targeted Opt-In Email List

Use Opt-In Email Lists for Successful Email Marketing Campaigns

Any email marketing expert will emphasize the importance of a targeted opt-in email list. As a marketer, your objective is to bring about an increase in sales through your email communication. To achieve this objective, you should build strong and lasting relationships with your customers. You can reach this stage only after you’ve proved you are trustworthy and reliable, for which you need engage customers regularly through a convenient and cost-effective medium like email.

Opt-In Email Lists

A targeted opt-in email list can often be the catalyst you need for increasing revenue. Some people believe that a bigger email list is the key to a successful marketing campaign, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. It is better to have a list of 2000 high-value customers, who have signed up for your email, than 400000 general prospects from a rented list who probably do not have the faintest interest in buying your offerings. Remember, quality usually trumps quantity.

Good marketers can find innumerable ways of gathering subscribers and expanding their email list. You can run different contests, polls, surveys, promotional offers and more to give subscriptions a push. But such a list doesn’t guarantee success because you need to be able to establish a rapport with customers in your email communication. You need to classify and segment your customer and prospect list based on criteria that you deem appropriate. If you run a gym and want to drive memberships, you’d probably want to position it differently for students and retired folks. That’s where a targeted opt-in email list is critical.

This can be done by including an easily customizable signup form on your parent website so visitors can signup by providing basic contact details and any other data you may want to collect. For instance, ask clients about their favorite pastime or where they live, it may help you personalize your opt-in email.

List building and management is a matter of patience and dedication and can become a time-consuming process. However, in an increasingly information-driven environment, high-quality data is king!

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