April 1, 2017


Zenith Square is a specialized technology marketing data services company that identify sales leads for technology marketers. We enable technology marketers to discover sales leads for IT services and consulting opportunities like an upgrade, technology refresh, new deployments, competitor take-out campaigns of enterprise hardware, software and cloud solutions. We provide key contacts including IT and LOB contacts, social data and purchase triggers of prospects which are updated in real-time.


  • Keeps your pipeline fully stocked with a steady flow of high-quality leads using our data sets
  • High-quality prospect tracking and lead nurturing to ensure that the right leads go to the right reps at the right time
  • Global coverage of the IT installed base makes sales prospecting easier than ever
  • Get deep, targeted and focused sales intelligence in the Americas (North and Latin), Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific and Japan
  • Do you want to target a specific set of accounts but do not have the relevant and accurate contacts?
  • Do you have an existing database that is missing contact information of people you would like to target?
  • Has your database grown old and contains bad contact information?
  • Do you want to build custom lists of people with specific job titles, roles?
  • Do you only have the company information or URL’s from the website traffic reports but no contact information?

Zenith Square can help with any of above situations. We have a global database comprising of millions of B2B records. The database gets refreshed at least every 90 days. Contacts are further validated using our proprietary email validation technology before delivery of lists. Phone validations are available if required. Please refer our list building and data cleaning & hygiene services.

We have helped several large, medium and small businesses build great leads databases. Learn more about our comprehensive data appending services. Schedule a free consultation with our Database consultant now.

Intelligence, Not Just Information

Sometimes the plain lists do not cut it. You need intelligence along with information in order to better understand your market and prospect effectively. List acquisition is great if you can easily relate to the decision makers by their job titles. But at times job titles do not reveal much about the specific role a person plays in the organization. Or there may be multiple contacts in an organization with the same job title. Like there could be multiple Managers or Directors of IT in a large technology services company. Or there could be multiple Managers or Directors of compliance in regulatory industries.

Only the Right Contacts, the Ones Who Want To Hear From You

You need to identify the right ones that are responsible for taking decisions on buying your product and services. Standard lists do not give you all this information. Someone needs to call and identify who is responsible for that particular role.

Zenith Square offers phone-based contact discovery services. Our experienced researchers make hundreds of calls, talk to several people in the company and find out those one or two specific people responsible for the role you are looking for.

We offer Title based discovery and Role based discovery services to identify right decision makers for your business. All leads are 100% phone verified and available on a pay for performance pricing.

Our Discovery services can also be extremely helpful if you need additional intelligence on the prospects. Our researchers are skilled in profiling the prospects and accounts to get you the right information you need for prospecting. And we do all this without revealing our client’s names.

If you are evaluating other data providers, we will be glad to offer a free sample. We are obsessed with quality and know that no other vendor can beat us on that. We do the research, you focus on revenue.

Reach More (and Better) Prospects With Our Custom List Building Services

If your target market is unique and list acquisition does not help, then you need to build a custom list. We can help. Our custom list building services have helped many of our customers through our researching and hand picking of contacts based on well-defined criteria.  We find the business leads that matter to you.

If you broadly know your target market but do not know the finite size of it or ever wondered how many companies are out there based on certain revenue range, employee size, industry classification, geography, or even based on certain type of technology used, then we can help. Give us the business lead criteria and we will tell you what your potential marketing universe is. You will know how many companies fit that description. We will tell you how many contacts within your potential marketing reach.  We will give you a clear picture of the business leads and business opportunity with your target audience.

If you have a list of defined accounts you need to target and just want the contacts from those companies, then we can help. For our email list building services, you just need to give us the list of companies and the type of contacts you are looking for. We will do the rest.

Instant downloads are not available because we customize, validate and then deliver. If you are interested in our list building services, then please fill the form on our right and one of our database consultants with promptly contact you.

Keep Your Data Current With Data Hygiene Services

“Change is the only permanent thing in the world” is a famous quote which certainly applies to business data. All your contact data is dynamic and keeps changing. People change jobs, relocate, get promoted and so on. As a result, their contact information changes. On an average 2-3% of contact data changes every month. That becomes 24%-36% change in a year if not updated regularly.

Why Would You Need to Partner With Data Cleansing Companies?

Even if you know how much of your data is invalid, you do not know which of that data is invalid. Marketers and sales professionals face the daunting challenge of identifying the bad or invalid data every day. It hurts your marketing and sales ability and affects the ROI on your marketing campaigns and revenue for your company. Data cleansing companies help you to identify which data is still valid and what needs to be updated or thrown out.

Zenith Square’s Data Hygiene Services

Every company’s database is unique and requires a unique approach to fix it. Our process includes automated and manual steps to ensure the highest level of relevance and accuracy. We have access to millions of B2B records and a team of skilled researchers trained to identify and solve your data challenges.

Access 95% of the total addressable market using software solutions:

  • Global coverage of companies using ERP, CRM, SCM, OS, Database, Middleware, Business Intelligence, Application Servers, Virtualization and Big Data Technologies
  • Build your own list by filtering the data with our simplified tools
  • Export your data to a spreadsheet or directly integrate the data with your CRM so that you will always have fresh data for prospecting

Access 95% of the total addressable market using enterprise hardware solutions including data center infrastructure:

  • Access to hardware installations including data center infrastructure
  • Access installation details of server, storage, networking, desktop, notebook and printer infrastructure

Access 95% of the total addressable market using cloud services:

  • Get complete access to companies using cloud computing, cloud storage & cloud applications
  • Get global coverage of companies using cloud services such as IaaS, SaaS & PaaS

Discover actionable sales leads based on relevant sales triggers such as system installation, system life cycle, system expiry & end-of-life system usage:

  • Legacy system installation, system life cycle, system expiry & end-of-life system usage
  • Design data-driven contextual campaigns
  • Design up-sell/cross-sell campaigns
  • Design campaigns for new deployment and competitor take-out offers
  • Use Google Analytics Connector to sync our prospect data and your CRM
  • Gain greater insight into your email open rates, deliverability rates and more with advanced email reporting
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