The secrets we use to create successful Outbound Email Campaign. When you open up your email, what do you typically see? If you’re like most of us, you see way too many unwanted emails. Outbound email campaigns can be powerful and cost-effective marketing tools. But how can your campaign break through the unwanted clutter and rise Read more about HOW TO CREATE A SUCCESSFUL OUTBOUND EMAIL CAMPAIGN[…]

Email Marketing Best Practices for Outbound Campaigns

                          Here are seven tips for Email marketing best practices for outbound campaigns. A strong email marketing strategy has a lot of moving parts. When do you send? How often do you send? What is a good call to action?  Frequency: How Many Read more about Email Marketing Best Practices for Outbound Campaigns[…]


Technology Customers Contact Database

Technology Users Email List and Mailing Addresses Consumers today are savvy and smart and technology companies are compelled to adopt cutting edge methods and consider innovative and unconventional ways to ensure that their market share is not lost. The scene is all the more complicated when technology marketers have to connect with business users for Read more about Technology Customers Contact Database[…]

Guarantee Success in B2B Marketing

How to Guarantee Success in B2B Marketing? “B2B Sales and Marketing” isn’t rocket science, but it is a science. That is, despite the fact that many people have been successful without advanced degrees, there are axioms, theories, data and formulas that govern the behavior of competitors, customers, and markets. And knowing precisely how they work can lead Read more about Guarantee Success in B2B Marketing[…]

Tips to Craft a Winning Email Campaign

Email lists and mailing lists form a very integral part of any email campaign. Email Lists are the backbone of a successful marketing program. Such lists are extremely useful as they can help you turn your venture into a profitable investment. With time, you can expect people in your list to be loyal to you. However, Read more about Tips to Craft a Winning Email Campaign[…]

customer base

Build Loyal Customer Base Through Email Marketing

In this era of information age, it is not easy to build a successful customer base and relationship. The way exchange of information takes place every second via social media has made a lot of marketers heart pound faster. In this junction, the question regarding the relevance of email marketing is a pretty recurrent one. Read more about Build Loyal Customer Base Through Email Marketing[…]


Highly detailed SAP Customers List

At Zenith Square, we provide highly detailed SAP Customer List which facilitates effective business communication across multiple channels. According to the B2B Marketers, their top two marketing goals include – to move prospects faster through the sales pipeline by 51%. Exhaustive SAP User Database helps achieve business goals Zenith Square helps marketers achieve business goals Read more about Highly detailed SAP Customers List[…]

Creating Successful Lead Generation Email Campaigns

Experts agree about the importance of email campaigns for successful lead generation. Email is still the highest performing digital marketing tactic we have in our tool kits. According to Marketing Sherpa, email is the primary lead generation tool with 81% of survey respondents stating email is their most effective channel for lead generation. Tips for Read more about Creating Successful Lead Generation Email Campaigns[…]


How to Build & Maintain a Strong Email Marketing List

Email Marketing List Double Opt-In Email is the gold standard for email marketing list building. There is no better way to build your list, than from people who really want to hear from you! Email marketing is a highly inexpensive way of promotion as compared to all other modes of advertising. Whether you have a large budget Read more about How to Build & Maintain a Strong Email Marketing List[…]

opt-in email list

Spam Email vs. Opt-In Email

Opt-In Email Marketing Vs. Bulk Email Spam Though many people practice email marketing to promote their goods and services, some don’t know the difference between spam and opt-in email marketing. It’s understandable. As the years have progressed, many sources have blurred the line between opt-in and bulk email spam for their own purposes. We at Zenith Read more about Spam Email vs. Opt-In Email[…]

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