April 11, 2017


What is the Zenith Square business model?

Zenith Square is a leading IT sales information company. We offer IT installed-base and competitive intelligence data sets. Zenith Square offers an integrated IT marketing data platform through a Data-as-a-Service model named Zenith Square.

Zenith Square offers a modern marketing intelligence platform for IT Marketers. Powered by Big Data Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Patterns & IT Sales research, Zenith Square offers sales-ready campaign data for technology marketing teams. Zenith Square features include IT contacts, IT installation details, Lead Score, Upsell-Cross sell indicators and Sales leads. The data platform is offered as a subscription service with real-time data refresh and on-going data maintenance support. Zenith Square complements and enriches CRM and marketing automation tools.

How does Zenith Square gather data?

With business research conducted in more than 50 countries covering 90% of the global addressable IT marketplace, we combine the benefits of technology specialization and IT research expertise to deliver powerful sales insights. Our customers have access to what we believe to be one of the best-in-class IT sales research panels in the world. Through our pervasive presence in the IT information marketplace, we have amassed the broadest and deepest database of people who make or influence purchasing decisions for their IT projects. Our data is compiled using several in-house IT sales development programs.

What is Zenith Square’s data source?

Zenith Square uses world class internet technologies including Big Data Analytics & Predictive Analytics to search internet sites, blogs, and other social media platforms. They track web behaviors, social media profiles, press releases, IT event attendees, tech subscriptions, career publishing’s, resume databanks, IT case studies etc.

What is the accuracy level of Zenith Square’s data sets?

Embedded in the Zenith Square research methodology are quality assurance checkpoints to identify outdated records and to ensure that all data fields are valid, accurate and complete. To ensure objectivity, a dedicated sales research team would be assigned to each client for day-to-day campaigns to perform data reviews and provide regular updates. The scope of the review is to investigate changes in key contacts and IT installation footprint.

What is Zenith Square’s data coverage?

Global Coverage – 95% coverage of total addressable IT marketplace coverage from NALA, EMEA & APJ

Direct Pipeline leads – IT initiatives such as cloud, upgrade, tech-refresh, new deployment, migration, enhancements, roll-out, integration, upsell-cross sell indicators etc

Competitive intelligence – Competitor Insight such as Installed product, version, modules, system status, system age, capacity, warranty expiry, end-of-life, support status, channel partner

Relevant contacts – IT management contacts responsible for Server & Storage systems, Datacenter, Cloud and IT Infrastructure, Database & Applications with real-time refresh, live updates & research-on-demand support

Sales Triggers – Lead Scoring powered by Big Data Analytics, Predictive Analysis, Patterns & IT Sales Research

Why Zenith Square?

Datasets – 500,000+ Large, Mid & Small enterprises coverage across 25+ industries from 50+ countries, 2 Million+ IT management contacts

Benefits – Enrich CRM & Marketing platforms with actionable data, execute insight-driven campaigns, accelerate pipeline creation and revenue growth

What is Zenith Square’s pricing model?

Pricing – We are flexible when it comes to pricing, and are happy to work with you to find a pricing model that fits your marketing budget.

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