Email List Hygiene Best Practices for Improving Deliverability

What is email list hygiene? (Hint: It has nothing to do with soap and water.) Good email list hygiene is a best practice for any targeted, effective email marketing program. Email hygiene means that you scrutinize your email subscription list and remove invalid or non-responsive addresses. Almost every email marketer worries about deliverability rates. Are they good enough? Could they be better? Are they about to drop because of some small mistake you’ve made or are about to make? Marketing Land reported in 2014 that 11% of permission-based email marketing campaigns were blocked and 6% ended up in people’s spam folder. Businesses continue to experience challenges with customer data. According to the Marketing Trends Survey 2015, 30% of respondents cited “accessing and leveraging customer data from multiple channels and data sources” as the top challenge this year.

Email List Hygiene

Tips to Leverage Your Data to Drive Engagement and Deliverability

Customer data grows in volume and so does the need for email list hygiene. Firstly, a clean email list ensures that you are targeting customers who actually want to receive your email. This leads to better engagement rates and email activity metrics, which signals the marketers that your emails belong in the recipients’ inboxes (not their spam folders).

Below are few tips to achieve email list hygiene and improve your deliverability:

  1. Email Validation – Invalid email addresses can hinder deliverability. Email validation can remove bad emails from your contact list, which can improve overall email performance with higher open rates. Email validation will help you identify incorrect email formats, spelling errors, and invalid email domains.
  2. Re-engage Inactive Contacts – Regular validation can help you remove inactive contacts which lead to improved deliverability. Before you ditch your inactive contacts, launch an email campaign with a series of personalized emails promoting a new offer or message to reactivate these contacts into engaged subscribers. In some cases, these email addresses will be inactive. In other cases, your contacts may simply be waiting for the right opportunity to re-engage.
  3. Understand your customer – Understanding your customer is essential for email engagement. This would benefit you to continue to deliver the most effective email campaigns that can be delivered successfully. You can easily test subject lines, frequency and time of day to optimize open rates. Take your testing even further by experimenting with list segmentation and email content to enhance click-throughs and conversions.

If you’re still facing deliverability challenges, you’re not alone. Increasing email engagement is an on-going effort that requires attractive offers and irresistible content based on the right data. By making regular email list hygiene part of your routine, you can help improve deliverability fast. Knowing more about your customer, you can improve your engagement strategy.

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