Data-As-A-Service For IT B2B Marketers

Zenith Square’s Data-as-a-Service for IT B2B marketers is a cloud strategy used to facilitate accessibility of IT marketing data in a well-timed and affordable manner. Zenith Squarre’s DaaS depends on the principle that specified sales-ready data can be supplied to IT marketers on demand, irrespective of any organizational or geographical separation between sales, marketing and channel teams. DaaS helps to eliminate old fashioned list purchase approach and reduces associated expenditures by offering total available market opportunity data in a single data platform.


Data-as-a-Service for IT B2B marketers brings the notion that data quality can be maintained real-time by cleansing and enriching data with relevant sales intelligence and offering it to CRM and Marketing automation tools.

The DaaS approach delivers the following benefits:

Agility: Based on the complete view of IT installed-base, IT contacts, Competitive intelligence, Sales Indicators & Lead score, IT marketers can take immediate action
Affordability: By eliminating legacy list re-sellers and contact sellers, DaaS model allows IT marketers to avail the most recent, complete and comprehensive IT marketing intelligence data coverage from a single source
Accuracy: Data quality is maintained through on-going data refresh services, real-time social media monitoring & IT research campaigns

Benefits of Zenith Square’s Data-as-a-Service for your CRM include:

• Data optimization
• Highest data accuracy & relevancy
• Timely visibility of sales opportunities
• Automatic updates of data to your CRM & Marketing automation tools
• Real-time data maintenance support
• Social Media data integration
• Ease of administration & collaboration
• Compatibility among diverse CRM platforms
• Global accessibility
• Predictive Analytics & Sales Indicators

Zenith Square’s DaaS pricing model is offered in two main categories

• Regional data subscription model
• Technology data subscription model

DaaS reduces the cost and complexity, typically associated with repeatedly purchasing flat fee based external data lists. To further reduce the complexity for sales and IT, DaaS is delivered with data compliance and privacy rights required for usage. Our Data-as-a-Service model provides integrated campaign data sets which allow sales and marketing teams to gain access to a complete view of customer profiles and contacts with lead score, updated at real-time.

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